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Purple Dragon 6.5" 46 Tooth Professional Pet Grooming Scissors - Dog Thinning /Blending Shears - Animal Hair Trimmer for Pet Groomer or Family DIY

By Purple Dragon

  246 reviews

Product info:

• Color Silver
• Size 6.5 inch

Product features

MATERIALl: 440C Grade stainless steel,complete stainless steel construction which is durable, functional and very strong.

SHARP BLADE:The blade is very sharp and smooth with the best cutting Angle of 45 degrees.

PURE HANDMADE: Delicate screw and silencer design,these detail designs show the high-end quality of scissor

PERFECT DESIGN: Engineering structure design allows you to grip them very comfortablely and reduce the labor intensity of you.This design insures the minimum risk for repetitive motion injury. Ergonomically Curved/bent down finger thumb hole/ring to help reduce hand, arm,elbow, shoulder, neck and back.

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