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Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits (M, Blue)

By Niteangel

  10,642 reviews

Product info:

• Color Blue
• Size Medium (Pack of 1)
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Medium size, suitable for Bunny or Small Rabbits.

Durable mesh material, soft and comfortable to wear with padding.

Adjustable at chest and stomach - extra nylon strap with snap buckle.

Easy control with fully elastic leash of 110cm (43 in) to extend to 220cm (86 in).

Designed for rabbits between 2lbs and 4.5lbs. Stomach Circumference: 19-30cm (7.5 - 12 in), Neck: 15-19cm (6 - 7.5 in), Back: 11.4cm (4.5 in).

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