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Dr. Jeff’s Daily Canine Care, Vet-Formulated Powder Supplement for Dogs, with 10 Strains of Probiotics and L-Carnitine for Allergy Help, Skin & Joint Health and Digestive Support, Powder 1.85 oz


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Product features

DAILY CANINE CARE - is an essential daily supplement for all dog sizes and breeds. It’s packed with nutrients like L-carnitine, sea kelp, inulin and probiotics for cleaner teeth, fresher breath, improved digestion, hip support, immune system health, and skin allergy help.

SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE & GUT HEALTH - with a blend of 10 clinically proven probiotic strains with a potency of 20 billion CFU. This helps maintain a healthy bodyweight, support immune function, and promote firmer stools.

SKIN & ALLERGY SUPPORT - Daily Canine Care helps protect against skin allergies, reduces the causes of inflammation and hotspots, and nourishes the skin to help soothe the painful symptoms caused by allergies.

HIP, JOINT & MUSCLE SUPPORT - Ingredients like L-carnitine, amino acids and fiber play a crucial role in building stronger muscles, repairing the wear-and-tear of joints and hips, and converting body fat into active and playful energy.

FEEDING GUIDE - Read the jar to find your dog’s daily serving size. On Day One, feed your dog 1/10th of that portion. For the next 9 days, slowly increase the portion by 1/10th each day - so that on Day Ten you’re at 100% of the serving size. Daily Canine Care contains powerful probiotics that go to work resetting your dog’s microbiome. Some dogs may experience digestive issues. If so, take a day or two off until they are back to normal - then slowly reintroduce Daily Canine Care to their diet.

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