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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat Digestive Care Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food, 17.6 lb bag


  388 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number 1862
• Model 1862
• Warranty 100% statisfaction, or your money back
• Color White
• Dimensions 5.75 x 20 x 13.33 Inches
• Release Date August 31, 2019
• Size 17.6 lb.
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat Digestive Care Dry Dog Food is specially formulated by Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians to support your dog’s digestive health

Clinically proven to calm and soothe the digestive tract

Highly digestible, low fat formula

Helps improve digestion and ensure easy nutrient absorption

Prebiotic fiber helps promote beneficial microflora

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