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Amicc Aquarium Window Cleaning Magnetic Double Side Glass Wiper Brush Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Cleaner Floating Clean (S)

By Amicc

  134 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number 11275646
• Size S

Product features

HANDGRIP DESIGN: Human- oriented handgrip design and Arc type, it's feel relaxed and comfortable to take ease while going around the corners of the tank smoothly.

FLOATING: Floating unique design, after the separation of natural floating in the water.

You can have arrested use it not to worry sinking on the bottom of the tank.

SOFT CLEANING CLOTH: This upgraded fish tank scrubber use well crafted soft cleaning cloth, would not leave the gluey or something on the outside of the tank.

SUPER-MAGNETIC: Adopting 4 neodymium (Nd) magnets with stronger and more powerful magnetic forces, which can clean inside by wiping the outside brush and cleaning-up, extremely cleaned!

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