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Kenmore DU3017 Pet Friendly Upright Vacuum Bagless 2-Motor Crossover Max Beltless Vacuum Cleaner with Lift-Away Design, Pet Handi-Mate, Triple HEPA, Height Adjustment, 3 Cleaning Tools

By Kenmore

  1,314 reviews

Product info:

• Color Light Green W/ Lift-up Design

Product features

Powerful All Floor Clean - A 2-motor system, compression technology and cyclonic action create powerful, consistent suction that pulls dirt and pet hair easily from all surfaces including carpet fibers, cracks and upholstery

6 Cleaning Configurations - Designed for powerful suction on carpets and hard floors with a powered liftaway canister and detachable barefloor brush to reach those hard to clean spaces

Washable HEPA Filter System - Enhanced HEPA filter system traps 99.97% of debris, trapping dander and dust inside the vacuum reducing allergy-induced pollutants in the room

Convenient Features - Extended reach Quick Draw Wand separates from the base for hard to reach areas, agitator on/off feature for easy transitions from carpet to hard floors and swivel steering for easier navigation

Included Attachments: Pet handi-mate tool, fan dusting brush, crevice tool

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