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Zen Clipper Dog Nail Clippers for Dogs Between 20-40 Pounds – The Worry-Free Grooming Nail Clippers, Avoid Painful Overcutting – Stress, Injury-Free Nail Cutting – 3.5mm Hole

By Zen Clipper

  1,682 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number #5
• Model ZEN00302-KW
• Color Mix
• Dimensions 0.3149606296 x 4.724409444 x 3.7401574765 Inches
• Size Large - 3.5mm hole

Product features

THE WORRY-FREE PET NAIL CLIPPER – Choose your Zen Clipper size and trim your pet’s nails with ease. The unique conical blade clips the tip of the nail only, providing no stress and no injury nail trimming

LARGE SIZING – The cutting area of this Zen Clipper measures 3.5mm and is ideal for DOGS weighing between 20 - 40lbs. Consider your pet’s requirements before purchasing your dog nail clipper

SAFE AT-HOME NAIL CLIPPING – The Zen Clippers for dogs reduces the risk of hurting your pet's sensitive quick by only allowing a precise amount of nail to be clipped. Named a top anxiety reducing product for fear free happy homes for pets by Dr. Marty Becker – “America’s Veterinarian”

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - For the cost of just 2 visits to the groomer, these pet nail scissors are the smart choice. To keep pets happy and healthy, a quick trim is a necessary part of pet healthcare and grooming

DESIGNED FOR YOU AND YOUR PET – Features a cushioned, non-slip handle for comfort and stainless-steel blades designed to shear nails with a clean-cut. The tool won't crush the nails like conventional clippers – no sharp, jagged edges or filing needed

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