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Diamond Premium Recipe Complete And Balanced Dry Dog Food For Growing Puppies, 40Lb

By Diamond

  4,146 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number 120_40_DPP
• Model 120_40_DPP
• Dimensions 16 x 27 x 6 Inches
• Size 40 lb
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

Carefully determined levels of protein and fat to support your growing puppy, including DHA from salmon oil for brain and vision development

A smaller kibble with 31% protein balanced with 20% fat and other essential nutrients for proper growth, with fiber to support digestive health

Antioxidants for the IMMUNE system; Omega fatty acids at levels for HEALTHY skin and shiny coat

Made in the USA choosing ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world; We want this premium food TO MAKE a difference for your pet.

Family owned & run; MADE with the most scientifically advanced protocols for food safety; call with questions 800 442 0402

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