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Turtles are adorable, and many people find that they’re the perfect pet. Having a turtle as a pet has its perks. But first, you have to set up their tank which is a bit daunting. No doubt you want the best turtle tank for your shelled friend.

Establishing a quality home for your new turtle or transferring your beloved pet to a new home requires a bit of research.

We’ve gathered everything we could to help you understand how to set up a turtle tank and reviewed the top 5 turtle tank kits available. Remember, no one’s stopping you from purchasing everything individually to set up your habitat. But, setting up your habitat is difficult and time-consuming.

Value Section

It’s difficult establishing your environment, but there are a few things to take into serious consideration. You want to set them up, so it’s easy to see them swimming. But you don’t want to overcrowd your top layer and make it difficult for them to get to a place where they can bask.

Consider all of these before buying an aquarium or aquarium kit for your turtle:

Selecting the Right Size

Finding the right size is part science and part artistic guessing. Your shelled friend needs space to swim, space to hide, space to bask and space to eat. If your turtle feels cramped, they’ll miss out on important exercise and experience constant stress from not having a safe space to hide.

Your turtle should feel safe and comfortable at all times. It’s vital that you size your tank appropriately. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy another soon. It’s their house, their gym, a cafeteria, and a bathroom.

Most veterinarians recommend the following: 5 to 10 times the length of their shell in gallons. So, for a turtle whose shell is 4 inches long, you need a 20 to 40-gallon tank. But, don’t forget to factor in the full size your turtle will probably reach.

If an adult turtle reaches 10 inches, you need a tank that is 50-100 gallons. Whether you buy a tank for the anticipated adult size of your turtle or their current size is completely up to you. But, it’s always a good choice to round up and have a slightly bigger tank rather than a slightly smaller one.

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Final Thoughts

Although it’s expensive, the winner is still the Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium. Although you still need to purchase a variety of other habitat components, this is the best turtle tank available when taking into consideration the aspects of the values section.

The Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium comes in 12 different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your turtle well and gives room to grow. Basking space is part of this; there are some wide varieties of the 12 size options.

The Exo Terra background that comes with this kit has channels that run cords and tubbing from the bottom of the terrarium all the way to the top. Concealing cords is an issue with turtle aquariums because they enjoy chewing on anything they can get near.

The raised bottom frame helps solve part of the question, “Do I use substrate or not in a turtle tank?” Well if you choose to, you can easily put a heater in place without it causing issues throughout the tank

Always remember to consider the anticipated adult size when you’re purchasing your tank. It’s easier to purchase one, rather than one now and one in a few years. Besides that, having more space allows your turtle all the room he could want for swimming, lazing, and hiding. You can have the best turtle tank, and if it’s the wrong size, you won’t have the right product for your turtle.