Best Dog Food for Bulldogs 2019

If you’ve been searching for the best dog food for bulldog then you are in luck. We’ve done all the research for you and have found some great options.

Many French or English bulldog owners know that their breeds come with some specific struggles. Not only in terms of health but also eating in general. We don’t enjoy seeing our pets suffer through thick and heavy breathing while they eat.

For sure hearing, too many snorts or coughs when a bulldog is in the food bowl makes me nervous! But, there is a lot of nutrition that can possibly help your bulldog’s day to day experiences. Let’s try to set your furry friend up for a long and healthy life.

Recommended Dog Food for Bulldogs

We have some recommendations here that can truly affect the nutritional intake of your dog from what they are currently getting. Don’t be too focused on the one that is a must-have. Instead keep in mind the goals you have for you and your fuzzy bulldog, as well as their nutritional needs.

What are our recommendations?

  • Wellness Natural Dry Dog Food – CORE;
  • Royal Canin Breed – Bulldog Dry Dog Food;
  • Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Recipe;
  • Canidae Dry Dog Food – For All Life Stages;
  • Taste of the Wild

All five of these options are healthy options for your short-snouted friend. So finding the right one may not be as easy as selecting whichever is cheapest or has the highest amount of protein.

Wellness Natural Dry Dog Food – CORE

Wellness Natural Dry Dog Food delivers high-quality ingredients for your bulldog. This particular formula is generalized for “any adult dog” but Bulldogs get a lot out of the many benefits it delivers. The overall health of your bulldog is quickly met with this brand.

  • 7 varieties including a puppy as well as a small breed option;
  • Completely grain-free;
  • Protein from high-quality meat, no by-products here;
  • No Fillers

Wellness CORE’s focus on providing high-quality to your dog’s diet can possibly affect a number of aspects of their health.

The dental and digestive aspects are often most affected by diet change and can be associated with the lifespan of your pet. Just like people, a healthy diet can take care of a number of other issues before they even arise.

By switching from any brand to one like Wellness that eliminates the unnecessary fillers you can have a huge impact on how much nutrition your dog is getting from each meal.

Royal Canin Breed – Bulldog Dry Dog Food

Highly rated, highly recommended and from a brand that respects your love of your purebred Royal Canin you almost can’t go wrong with.

  • Just the right amount of fiber for gas control;
  • Focused on reducing joint inflammation;
  • Top ingredient is always real meat

The benefits you see from Royal Canin formulas are far different from anything else on the market. These formulas are really engineered to cater to each breed so specifically that it is hard for any non-breed specific brand to rival them in terms of quality.

Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Recipe

Unlike any other dog food on this list, you have to make the Honest Kitchen food. It’s dehydrated and easy to mix so it isn’t the end of the world. But if you have a busy lifestyle this might be a deal breaker for you.

On top of it, the other downside we found is that it is actually kind of expensive.It seems expensive at first and then you reason, well, it’s not bad because it’s dehydrated. Don’t be fooled by portions and dehydration, this is a steep price.

  • Balanced diet of protein to carbs;
  • Entirely grain free;
  • No GMO;
  • No by-products

The balanced diet and moderate calories can be a huge benefit if you’re looking to maintain or control your dog’s weight. All of the meat used here is also human grade or “real meat” none of that overly processed stuff you see in some other dog foods. Also, all of the ingredients are all natural which a big plus for some dog owners is.

Canidae Dry Dog Food – For All Life Stages

A dog food option that often goes forgotten Canidae is a brand that delivers a high-quality product and focuses on using only premium ingredients.

  • 4 variety options;
  • No corn;
  • No wheat;
  • No Soy

Although many are adamant that any dog food labeled as “all ages” doesn’t deliver a lot of nutritional value, they have been proven wrong in this case.

It just means maybe make sure that the nutritional build in that particular formula fit your breed and the life stage your dog is in currently.

Taste of the Wild

This iconic brand is one that stands out. From all of the standard blue and grey patterned packaging is this nature scene. But Taste of the Wild doesn’t stop standing apart only with its packaging.

  • Formula with a ton of vegetables;
  • Real meat in every formula;
  • Six flavor varieties for picky eaters;
  • First two ingredients are always real meat

This has been identified as one of the best dry dog foods for Bulldogs and it’s because of the strong vegetable base. It eases a lot of their digestion troubles and it will help a lot of your having to live with their gassiness.

The downside to the Taste of the Wild is a natural side effect of the many great things about it. It molds really easily. Also, if you happen to hold on to a bag for too long and do not notice it can severely disrupt your poor bulldog’s stomach.

Taste of the Wild delivers a grain free formula that builds on a base of protein-rich vegetables. This means that the protein is high but still gentle on your bulldog’s stomach.

Whether your dog is active or lazy they’ll find a great time in burning off the energy from the extra carbs that are super protein-rich.

Top 5 Dog Food for Bulldogs Breakdown

#1 – Royal Canin Breed – Dry Dog Food – Best Food for American Bulldogs

[img_products img_code=”61F1OlIDWSL” alt=”ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Bulldog” code=”B0032BFAMM” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

There is a distinction to Royal Canin that they really care as much about your dog’s breed as you do. They start by identifying constant struggles within the breed and then analyzing how these could be overcome through diet and design.

Short and Broad Muzzle

This can really make eating difficult. Although we often get irritated with the messy eating habits of Bulldogs it can be hard to stay mad at such a cute face. Hours later though when you are mopping their food dish for the third time we know you wish they weren’t quite so messy.

Royal Canin has, of all things, an answer for that. They’ve designed their kibbles to be wavy so the Bulldogs upturned muzzle can easily scoop them up. Instead of hearing your bulldog snort and inhale their food you can rest easy knowing they are being encouraged to chew.

Let’s face it, Bulldogs can smell not like grandmas cooking, or roses, or even a decent body spray. They smell bad and they are gassy.

This can be a terrible combination, but where there is a struggle Royal Canin comes in to attempt to fix it. They have heavily pulled back on the heavy grains like corn and put a focus on nutrient-dense fibers.

Allowing your bulldog to have a restful stomach and you to have a reasonable smelling room. This change doesn’t happen overnight though.

It can definitely take a few weeks before you identify any change. We highly recommend watching your dog’s diet very carefully if it seems like their gassiness doesn’t change when their diet does.

#2 – Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food – Best Food for English Bulldogs

[img_products img_code=”81keaXs-0qL” alt=”Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food” code=”B000VTRI32″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

The wellness brand can be seen as a little bit pricey as they are on the upper side of the mid-priced dog food. But wellness offers probably the most similar benefits that a breed specific brand or formula would.

They do not have the innovation that Royal Canin does, however many breeds specific formulas didn’t make their way onto this list because they simply weren’t worth it.

Variety for even the pickiest of eaters

Wellness CORE has various options which include: whitefish, herring, turkey, chicken, duck, boar and rabbit. But Wellness doesn’t stop there, they keep going.

They offer varieties geared specifically for puppies, and small breeds and weight control also. There isn’t much more than we can ask for from a formula that begins so generalized.

So whether you have a picky eater or a bulldog with food allergies there is definitely something for your pet that you can find from Wellness. This might be one of the best-generalized choices available.

Long-term Effect of Quality Ingredients

So, it’s basic knowledge that a healthy diet over a long period of time means quality health right? Well, sometimes no but most times yes.

Wellness stays focused on sticking to their initial goal of quality ingredients. Nutrition and nutrient dense foods are clearly top priorities with Wellness.

They start all of their formulas with all natural food regionally sourced from the US. So when you’re asking what the best food for your bulldog is, or any dog for that matter, Wellness definitely deserves a name drop.

#3 – Canidae Dry Dog Food – For All Life Stages

[img_products img_code=”91X6RkKmDQL” alt=”CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food Chicken” code=”B001DY6TWU” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

This is one of the rare times where we recommend an option that is supposed to be a one-size-fits-all sort of arrangement.

But the benefits of Canidae’s Dry Dog food for All Life Stages are too good to pass up. There is not another generalized brand out there like this that provides all the benefits Bulldogs need that we could find.

You will always find the first two or even three ingredients to be real meat. Then the grains that are used include brown rice and rice bran. A far cry away from most generalized formula’s that claim to serve “all ages” or “all life stages”.

The Canidae Dry Dog Food for All Life Stages is great for French, English or American Bulldogs throughout their adult life. Even as they approach elderly they can stay on this formula with an adjustment to the volume of their calorie intake.

As their energy goes down we often see the need to cut down on some of their calorie intakes. This is one of the arguments that is for “all ages” doesn’t deliver exactly what they need. It does, it just needs some adjustments over time.

What makes this possible is the quality ingredients and balance between proteins and carbs. They don’t overload on protein which would make it less nutrient efficient for puppies or elderly dogs.

There are also no filler ingredients which means that at all stages they’re getting only food that delivers a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Which brand is the winner?

Royal Canin Breed – Bulldog Dry Dog Food by a landslide. There is no time when innovative thinking about an animal’s diet doesn’t produce amazing results for Royal Canin.

They are able to provide solutions such as, different kibble shapes and different fibers to solve problems that have ailed both the Bulldogs and their owners for years. You won’t be stuck at home anymore wishing there was something you could do about your Bulldogs messy eating.

Now, there is a solution, and that’s great. But, the benefits we didn’t mention above?

Of course, Royal Canin is dedicated to high-quality ingredients. They focus on providing great, nutrient-dense proteins and use Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to help your bulldog’s skin stay healthy.

Most importantly though, Royal Canin has constantly returned to the need to cater to your Bulldogs easily disrupted digestive system.

Royal Canin may not be the brand for you, but if you are looking for the best dog food for bulldog’s this is the one we would recommend again and again.

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