Best Cat Food to Prevent Vomiting

It’s unfortunate when you see your fur baby suffering from a sensitive stomach, but vomiting could be much more than that. Always consult your veterinarian before deciding that consistent vomiting is coming from your cat’s diet. But, for those who have realized that changing their cat’s diet could help prevent unnecessary vomiting, we have put together the best cat food to prevent vomiting available!

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Whether it’s an underlying condition, malnutrition, eating non-food items or hairballs, you can help boost the quality of life for your cat. We address the reasons behind vomiting here with solutions that you could find in a wide variety of cat food options.


Although hairballs are slightly different than vomiting, they will often come with regular vomiting if untreated. Hairballs are a side effect of a side effect. What starts out as bad skin, results in over shedding, and that produces hairballs. Or, a nutrient-deficient diet leads to bad skin, leading to over shedding, leading to hairballs and the cat’s inability to digest the hair.

When your cat is regularly hacking up hairballs they’re also losing a lot of nutrients as the hair in their stomach absorbed a lot of the stomach acid and partially digested food. It’s gross, but vomit isn’t pretty.

To treat hairball induced vomiting, you’ll want to help your cat build up the ability to shed less frequently and break down hair that’s in their stomach. Recipes will usually rely on fish for Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to help with skin conditions. Then these recipes will have moderately high levels of fat and fiber to aid with digestion.

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Choose Quality Ingredients

Cat’s don’t eat a lot when you consider their size, so when a pet food company chooses to use subpar ingredients, it will certainly lead to malnutrition. Cats vomit from malnutrition because their body is trying only to grab hold of what they need. You can have a happy fat cat that is nutrient deficient.

If you think that your cat might be throwing up because of the ingredients in their current cat food, you might need to start thinking about premium brands. Although they are more expensive many premium brand cat foods, use only human grade ingredients and work to develop recipes that balance fat, protein and fiber.

Another issue that comes from many cat food options that don’t use quality ingredients is filler. Filler ingredients usually include wheat, corn meal, a corn by-product, or rice. Although rice here is the least of the evils, none of these ingredients would ever be in a cat’s natural diet. These grains are all common cat allergens and can wreak havoc in their digestive systems.


I would bet that every cat owner is guilty of overfeeding. Not only has the internet sensationalized the “fat cat” but we also don’t usually know when or how much our cats eat. Because cats are picky eaters and will often refuse to eat with other animals or people nearby, many pet parents will opt for free feeding.

Free feeding is the simple act of leaving down a bowl of kibble for the fur baby to nibble on if they get hungry while we’re away. Many pet parents will leave a free feeding bowl of kibble down for their cat while also providing 2 or more feeding times of wet cat food during the day.

Although we feed our cats out of love, it’s too much! If your cat is frequently vomiting, you should stop free feeding and eliminate kibble. Because kibble goes through extreme processing and lacks necessary moisture it is much harder for any cat to digest.

Opting for wet food options will also make you more aware of how much your cat is eating during the day and whether they’re hungry at night. Stop the free feeding and put your cat on a twice a day eating schedule.

List of the 5 best Cat food to Prevent Vomiting
Cat Food Feature Price Our Rated
1. AvoDerm Natural Wild Adult, Wet Food $$$ View on Amazon
2. Feline Natural Lamb and Salmon Adult, Freeze-Dried $$ View on Amazon
3. Stella and Chewy’s Tummy Adult, Freeze-Dried $$ View on Amazon
4. Almo Nature La Cucina Chicken Adult, Wet Food $$$ View on Amazon
5. Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Adult, Wet Food $$$ View on Amazon

Top 5 Cat Food to Prevent Vomiting

1. AvoDerm Natural Wild by Nature Grain-Free Chopped Sardines in Consommé Canned Cat Food

[img_products img_code=”61OC%2B-YyQZL” alt=”avoderm-natural-wild-by-nature-grain” code=”B0054KOIEK” reviews=”View on Amazon”]
  • 3-oz Cans
  • Alternative protein choice

AvoDerm uses alternative protein choice, sardines, in addition to oils to help your cat digest this food easily. A high moisture level and high protein should be easy on your cat’s stomach if they’re transitioning from kibble to wet food.

We love that they use potato starch to create a consommé rather than letting the meat chunks sit in broth. Cat’s rely on their food for most of their water intake and aren’t likely to drink a broth. AvoDerm got sneaky with this information and used a consommé instead!

We don’t like the fat and fiber percentages are so low in comparison to the protein percentage. A cat that vomits frequently needs a steady balance between fat, fiber, moisture, and protein. This recipe doesn’t offer all the balance we would like to see.

The premium ingredients to make up for some of the imbalance in between the macronutrients in this recipe. There’s not a lot that we can do about the recipe as it now. The consommé, flavors, and ingredients all cater to picky eaters and can help resolve hairball problems.

Without a doubt, if your cat is puking because of hairballs, this option is your best choice right now. The alternative protein is both easier to break down and has more oils and essential fatty acids than beef, chicken, or turkey!

2. Feline Natural Lamb and Salmon Feast Raw Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food

[img_products img_code=”71Xd9NF-1OL” alt=”feline-natural-lamb-salmon-feast-raw” code=”B00GGAYVR6″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]
  • Freeze Dried
  • Raw food
  • Grain-free

Feline Natural offers freeze-dried meals that are raw ingredients blended for a nutrient-dense meal. The goodness of Feline Natural Lamb and Salmon Feast has many picky eaters showing up for every feeding time!

How can we pick only one thing to like best with this recipe? Well if we had to settle it would be that 99% of the recipe is the grass-fed lamb and responsibly sourced salmon. Your cat can have a nutrient dense, high protein meal that’s good for them and easy on their stomach.

There’s not too much to complain about with this recipe, and it would be pulling it apart to find something we didn’t like.

Overall, the Feline Natural Lamb and Salmon Feast Raw Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food are one of the best options available for cat foods to prevent vomiting. The recipe is high protein, but it’s exclusively minimally-processed lamb and salmon. Both of which are high in essential fatty acids for skin and digestion health.

The limited ingredient formula is high in fat which should help ease the digestion process as well. Additionally, the moisture level is low in the freeze-dried form, but you have more control over how much water or broth you add to the recipe.

3. Stella and Chewy’s Tummy Tickling Turkey Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

[img_products img_code=”71%2Bs44CTlzL” alt=”stella-chewys-tummy-ticklin-turkey” code=”B01H3YNAJI” reviews=”View on Amazon”]
  • Freeze-dried
  • Raw food

Stella and Chewy’s has started providing raw food diet options for very specific cat needs. If your cat is throwing up consistently, you should opt for this recipe because of its high-quality ingredients and well-balanced macronutrient build.

We love that the food is freeze-dried and raw. When you rehydrate this recipe, you can control how much moisture your cat gets in their food, and the raw food helps persuade cats to eat. There’s also no gluten, grain or filler ingredients!

We don’t like that the second and third ingredients are turkey organs rather than turkey meat, but many pet parents don’t mind the use of organs. The organ meat is still unprocessed and not turned into a meal or by-product.

This is one outstanding recipe. Stella and Chewy’s Tummy Tickling’ Turkey Recipe is a freeze-dried solution for cat’s who vomit frequently. The sustainably sourced turkey contributes to the all-natural recipe. The bone used in the recipe is part of the reason why the protein and fat contents are both very high.

The use of 100% certified organic vegetables will help ease your cats’ stomach and aid in digesting hairballs as well. Pet parents agree that feeding your cat a raw diet is a better alternative to both kibble or canned wet food.

But, do be careful that you use the food up before the expiration date. Although the food is in the freezer, it does expire in a rather short time frame.

4. Almo Nature La Cucina Chicken with Apple Grain-Free Cat Food Pouches

[img_products img_code=”81a13Wmmc6L” alt=”almo-nature-la-cucina-chicken-apple” code=”B073XQQQ7Q” reviews=”View on Amazon”]
  • 94-oz pouches
  • Only uses natural ingredients

Almo Nature La Cucina packs a big punch in tiny pouches. If you suspect your cat is overeating and want to get in under control to prevent vomiting you should try Almo Nature. These pouches are supplements to your cat’s current diet but are important to prevent vomiting.

Almo Nature La Cucina chicken with Apple Grain-Free cat food uses only easily digested foods. For cat’s, that means chicken, apple, and added oils. The additional sunflower oil helps your cat breakdown foreign objects such as hair or grass during digestion.

We don’t like that this is purely for supplemental feeding. The fat and fiber percentage are low but reasonable enough to serve as a full-time diet. The protein is high, and the moisture is high as well. There’s nothing here that would suggest it’s nutrient deficient.

Almo Nature La Cucina Chicken and Apple grain free cat food might be meant for supplements, but there’s nothing that suggests you can’t use it more often. Many pet parents are providing this tasty treat in the morning to help with digestion and offering their cat something more filling at night.

When looking for the best cat food to prevent vomiting, using supplements like this might be a requirement to help your cat feel better.

5. Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diets Chicken and Pumpkin Formula Shreds Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

[img_products img_code=”81CIuby27yL” alt=”natural-balance-lid-limited” code=”B01BI31WCC” reviews=”View on Amazon”]
  • Grain-free
  • Pumpkin for digestion

Natural Balance uses a limited ingredient diet to help your cat with any digestion problems, including vomiting. The use of pumpkin is also known to help aid in digestion and break up hairballs if they’re part of the problem. The small containers are also a great way to control how much they’re eating.

We love that Natural Balance created a recipe of exclusively pumpkin and chicken to help cats who have digestive problems. Pumpkin is well-known to help soothe the stomach of kittens and senior cats. But it works wonders on adult cats who are having digestion problems.

While the smaller containers are great for controlling how much your cat is eating it’s also frustrating to open 3-6 containers per day. Ideally, a cat at a healthy weight should eat 4 or 5 containers per day which are hard to keep track of for many pet parents.

Overall, if your cat is frequently vomiting, they need a limited ingredient diet, and Natural Balance offers a limited ingredient diet with only premium ingredients. For many pet parents, it’s the one-stop solution. They also use mindful ingredients such as pumpkin to help ease digestion and lower the likelihood of vomiting.

There are many options available to treating a cat that vomits frequently, but a raw food limited ingredient option is the best choice.

The Clear Winner…

The Feline Natural Lamb and Salmon Feast Raw Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food have everything you could want to prevent vomiting. They use only premium ingredients, and at that only have limited ingredient recipes. The lamb and salmon recipe, however, best caters to skin and digestion health.

The nutrient-rich formula avoids all common cat allergens including wheat, dairy, gluten, rice, and corn. The freeze-dried format for this recipe is outstanding. It will help you control their eating portions, increase moisture, and reduce the risk of overeating.

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